I am currently a sophomore at Georgetown University, majoring in Government with minors in Film & Media Studies, Journalism, and Hebrew.
I have been covering events on a professional basis for over 5 years, covering everything from major sporting events and conventions to political protests and press conferences. At Georgetown I began doing more photojournalism based coverage, largely focusing on political events on campus, Hoya basketball games, while starting to purchase professional level equipment. 
Due to Covid-19 I have been home in Atlanta since early March and began doing professional photojournalism coverage, starting with the protests in Atlanta. I currently do writing and photo coverage for the Atlanta Jewish Times, largely focusing on protests and political events but other subjects as well. I am also a freelance contributor to Shutterstock Editorial, where my photos have been picked up for use by a variety of domestic and international media outlets.
I am largely focused on covering political events and protests, but I also enjoy covering sports and doing street photography when I can. I have covered violent protests that have included conflicts between police and protesters, far right and counter-protesters, and more general riot violence at protests. 
Available for freelance assignments at request, and to travel to events within the South East, pending availability and travel options. 
Current Protective Equipment: 
Bullet Proof Vests & Press Vests, Respirators & Gas Masks, and General PPE
I have done some emergency first aid training for trauma, but am currently seeking to get HEFAT level training for future events. 
Familiar with FTP transmission and different metadata and caption styles, and can transmit from field (connection pending)
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